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Welcome to the 2019 Marietta Soccer Classic

Rules for the 2019 Marietta Soccer Classic

Rules for the 2019 Marietta Soccer Classic


1. This tournament is open to currently registered USYSA league of association teams composed of no more than 18 players in the U-13 through U-18 divisions. The U-11/U-12 division will carry a roster of 14 players. The U-8, U-9, & U-10 divisions will carry a roster of 12 players or less. All teams must be currently registered with their state, national or provincial association, and all USYSA player passes must be furnished for each tournament contestant at registration.
2. A maximum of three guest players may be added to the official league or association roster but not to exceed the maximum number allowed per roster as stated above.
3. Rosters and guest player forms must be presented at registration. Note: Guest player forms must be signed by State approved representative.
4. No player shall be allowed to register with more than one team or switch to another team during the tournament.
5. Any team outside of the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association District must have travel permission forms filed out, with the exception of those teams registered with US Soccer.
6. Medical Release forms must be completed, signed by a parent or guardian a. Forms must be presented at registration.
7. Teams having both boys and girls on their roster will play in the boys division.

Team placement in a division will be based on the age of the oldest player. All teams will determine their ages per player’s birthday as of December 31st.

International Rules (FIFA/USYSA) apply with the following exceptions:
1. Substitutes must be at the mid-field line. Substitutes should be at the midfield line prior to the opportunity to substitute, with the exception if being substituted for an injury or a caution.
2. Unlimited substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee.
a. After a goal by either team.
b. Before any goal kick.
c. Before a throw-in your favor and on an opponent's as long as the opponent is subbing.
d. At the beginning of any period of play.
e. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play. (If a substitution is made the opposing team may make a one-for-one substitution)
f. After a caution, the cautioned player may be substituted (except for red cards).

NO HEADING RULE - effective 7/1/2016 for all league or tournament U11 and younger games played in Ohio South, players are prohibited from deliberately striking a soccer ball with any portion of their head (aka heading). The rule is as follows:
- If a U11 or younger player engages in heading a soccer ball during the tournament the parents /guardians and the player accept the risk and/or peril of doing so.
- When a U11 player deliberately strikes the ball with his/her head during the tournament , Referees and Assistant Referees of that game must consider the act to be Dangerous Play and handle the matter accordingly as an infraction of the laws of the games.
- An indirect free kick (IFK) is awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the infraction.
- If the infraction is within the goal area, the IFK should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infraction occurred.
- If the ball makes contact with the player’s head and the player has not deliberately played or attempted to play the ball, play should continue as no infraction has occurred.
- A player shall not be cautioned nor sent-off for persistent infringement, as a result of a heading infraction
- A player shall not be cautioned nor sent-off for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity as a result of a heading infraction.

CONCUSSION LAW....Ohio law on concussions gives both coaches and referees the power to remove a player from a game if a concussion is believe to have been suffered, and to prevent the player from reentering the game or from participating in game for the remainder of the tournament.

BLOOD: A player who is either bleeding or has blood on her/his uniform shall be required to be removed from the field and allowed to return only when in the opinion of the referee the bleeding has stopped and blood removed from the uniform.

1. There shall be no dissent between players and/or coaches and the referee. Questioning a referee's call is considered dissent. All coaches are urged to solicit the support of their fans in monitoring and enforcing this policy. Fans will be ejected for dissent toward referees or players and game can be suspended for fan abuse toward players or referees.
2. Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next (at a minimum of one game) scheduled game. No substitution will be allowed for the ejected player.
3. All coaches will remain within 20 yards of the centerline. Coaches will be cautioned for infractions.

1. Teams and coaches will be stationed on the side of the field opposite spectators. Spectators include everyone not listed as a player or a coach for the team on the field must remain on the opposite side of the field of the teams. Players and coaches and spectators must remain on their side of the field and be within the player/coaches or spectator lines as applicable. No spectators will be permitted behind the goals or on the touchlines.
2. Any spectator ejected from a game must give their name to the referee. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeiture for the team involved. A spectator receiving a red card will be required to leave the playing area and will not be permitted at the next game the team plays.
3. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at playing sites.
4. Referees shall check in teams by player passes before scheduled matches, and Marshals shall retain possession of the player passes and not return them the coaches without the referee permission. If a team fails to present their pass card this will constitute a forfeit.
5. Coaches are required to bring medical release forms to every game.
6. The tournament director's interpretation of the foregoing rules/regulations shall be final.
7. The decision of the referee regarding the facts connected with play is final.
8. A team failing to field seven (7) players U-13 through U-18; (7) players for U-11 through U-12; (5) players U-8, U-9, & U10; after a maximum of five minutes grace period from the scheduled game kick-off time will forfeit the game. There will be no deviation from this rule.
9. Teams will not be awarded additional time for warm-ups, you are expected to warm-up off the field.
10. No more than 3 carded coaches will be permitted in the Team area unless a Director of Coaching card is presented; no other personnel besides these coaches and players will be permitted on the team side of the field. At least one carded coach must be present at the start of game or that team will forfeit.
11. Forfeit: Forfeit score shall be 4 - 0. Any team that forfeits a game cannot advance to the championship game or place 1st or 2nd in round robin play.

We will attempt to use the three man system of control for all games except in U-8 and U-9, where one referee will be used. There will be off sides called in U-8 and U-9. Only USSF certified referees in good standing will be used. It shall be the referee's responsibility to report any ejections to the tournament headquarters by writing them on the game report card


Players Preliminary Semi Final & Ball Division
on field Games Final Games Size
Under 18 11V11 70 min. 70 min 5
Under 15&16 11V11 70 min. 70 min. 5
Under 13&14 11V11 70 min. 70 min. 5
Under 11&12 9V9 60 min. 60 min. 4
Under 10 7V7 50 min. 50 min 4
Under 8 & 9 7V7 40 min. 40 min. 4
All games will have two equal halves and 5 minutes half time intervals. See inclement weather sections for exceptions.
Win = 3 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

1. Ties will stand at the end of preliminary games. For team tied at the end of preliminary play, the winner will be determined as follows:
A) Head to Head competition (If three or more teams are tied for the group lead, go to step B.)
B) Goal differential (Up to maximum of 4 NET goals per game) (For example, for a score of 5 - 1, goal differential are 4 for the winner and - 4 for the loser. For a score of 7 - 2, goal differential are 4 for the winner and - 4 for the loser).
C) Fewest goals allowed (gross).
D) Penalty kicks elimination, as per FIFA laws of the game.
2. In a division that has only has one group (such as a five team division); points will determine the 1st place and 2nd place. Ties will be resolved using the above procedure in section 1.
3. If more than two teams are tied the sequence in section 1 will be followed until a team is eliminated. The remaining teams will then restart the sequence at step B until the tie is broken.
4. If penalty kicks have to be taken by more than two teams tied there will be a draw by the tournament committee. The first team drawn will receive a bye; the next team drawn will be the home team against the remaining team in the first contest of penalty kicks. The winner of the first contest will then compete against the bye team in penalty kicks to determine the round robin winner. The bye team will be the home team.
5. All games played, including crossover games and games counted due to forfeit, will be counted in the point totals.

Coaches must sign the scorecard at the end of the game. Scores will be posted as quickly as possible. Coaches should report any discrepancies to headquarters prior to the next game.

Should teams be tied at the end of regulation, a five (5) minute interval will be taken. A coin toss will occur to determine who kicks off. Overtime in Finals will consist of:
Two (2) ten minute overtime periods, with teams changing goals after the first period (2-minute half time interval). In the event the match is still tied, only the players on the field at the end of the second overtime period will participate in a penalty kick shootout following FIFA guidelines. Each team will roster their shooters in the order the kicks are to be taken. After 5 players have shot from each team, the team with the most goals wins. If a tie remains after 5 shots by each team, kicks will continue until one team has scored more goals with each team taking the same number of kicks. All referee decisions are final.

Should teams be tied at the end of regulation, a five (5) minute interval will be taken. A coin toss will occur to determine who kicks off. There will be:
A. One (1) ten minute overtime period.
B. Penalty Kicks (same as for Final game)

1. Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by a sock.
2. Shirts/jerseys will be tucked into player shorts at all times.
3. In the event of a color conflict, the team listed on the left (home team) will change color.
4. All players must have individual numbers on shirts.
5. All players’ equipment is subject to approval by the referee.
6. No helmets will be allowed.
7. No hard casts will be allowed; soft casts or splints may be allowed in the discretion of the referee for the game.

Protest must be presented in writing to the tournament site headquarters within one (1) hour of completion of the game and must be accompanied by a fee of $100.00 in cash. Referee judgment will NOT be basis for protest. Coaches wishing to file a protest shall notify the referee of this intention as soon as possible, but not later than five (5) minutes after the conclusion of the game in question. The referee must report his comments on the scorecard to the protest situation. The Protest Committee's decision is final.

First and second place team and individual awards will be given to the U-8 thru U-15 divisions after the final game

Games interrupted in the first half:
1) If the first half has not been completed and the game is stopped, every effort will be made to complete the game, or play to completion of at least the first half and record the score as final.
2) Games shall be considered completed if the first half has concluded. The score at the stoppage of play will be the final game score.

Games interrupted after the completion of the first half:
Will continue if time permits or, if time or other issues, as determined by the tournament, does not permit the game to continue, the current score at the time when the game is terminated will be the final score.
Note: If necessary, game lengths may be shortened to accommodate scheduling requirements and/or weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the head coach to check Tournament Headquarters for any reschedule information.
For more information regarding schedule changes consult the website at

However, in the event that rescheduling is not possible, and game cancellation creates a situation where teams within the division are unable to play an equal number of qualifying games, the group winner will be determined on the basis of awarding the average tournament points earned in the other games, to the teams that were unable to complete an official game, followed by the tie breaking procedure if necessary. The team with the highest average points will be declared the winner of the group. In the event there is a tie which cannot be resolved by point averaging, the advancing team will be determined by a coin toss, or penalty kicks, per FIFA as directed by the Tournament Directors.

Smoking & Alcohol
No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted at any tournament location including parking areas. Smoking is not permitted in the immediate game field area and such materials must be removed or extinguished if so directed by Referee or other tournament official.

In a case where a situation may arise that is not addressed specifically in these rules, the Tournament Committee's interpretation of the foregoing rules/regulations and unforeseen circumstances shall be final.

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