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Welcome to the 2019 Marietta Soccer Classic

Frequently Asked Questions

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Bracketing/Team Selection
What level of play can we expect?
Our tournament is billed as a classic level tournament(S2,S3,S4.RT0) We are in hopes that we can provide good games for everyone. We are geared towards MOSL B/C and Ohio North Division 1 and 2 and PA West Division 2. The higher level teams will normally be in an upper bracket. If in doubt, call me.

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Who do I call with questions?
Todd Morris (740) 629-0101 (primary)
How many players play on the field in the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, and U14 age brackets.
U8, U9 and U10 will be 7v7. U11 and U12 will be 9v9. All others are 11 v 11.
Can a player play on one team and guest play for another team in the tournament?
No, a player must only play with one team in our tournament.
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
We are having trouble finding a hotel reservation. Who can we call to see what else is available?
Please call Eric Keffer at (740)350-0206. He has blocked off rooms at different hotels around the area.
What is the address of the complex for my GPS?
732 River Road
Marietta, OH 45750

Please be aware that google directions do not get you to our fields. (Directions were emailed out.) I will post them on our site as well.
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What forms are needed at the check in?
We require player pass cards, coach pass cards, a medical release form, and a roster for all teams. Any out of state teams or out of Ohio South teams will need a permission to travel form. Also we need Team information sheet and liability waiver.
Where is registration?
On line via emal
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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